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Pierre Bellon launches Sodexho, in Marseille, founded on the Bellon family's experience of more than 60 years in maritime catering for luxury liners and cruise ships. Operations initially serve staff restaurants, schools and hospitals.

Operations commence in the Paris area. 
International expansion begins with a contract in Belgium. Development of the Remote Site Management business, first in Africa, then in the Middle East. Sodexho's Service Voucher business enters.  
Initial public offering of Sodexho shares on the Paris Bourse. 
Sodexho establishes activities in the Americas, Japan, South Africa and Russia, and reinforces its presence in the rest of Central Europe. 
Sodexho becomes the world market leader in food service thanks to alliances with Gardner Merchant in the UK and Partena in Sweden. 
The group's holding company changes its name to Sodexho Alliance.
Sodexho Alliance joins forces with Universal Ogden Services, the leading remote site service provider in the United States. 
Sodexho Alliance shares are accepted into the Paris Bourse.
Founding of Sodexho Marriott Services, with Sodexho holding 48.4 percent of the outstanding shares. The new company is the North American market leader for food and management services. 
Albert George is appointed Chief Operating Officer of Sodexho Alliance.
Sodexho Alliance and Universal Services merge to form Universal Sodexho, becoming the leader in remote site management. 
Sogeres (France) and Wood Dining Services (USA) join Sodexho Alliance.
Sodexho acquires 53 percent of the share capital of Sodexho Marriott Services, which changes its name to Sodexho, Inc.   
In April 3, 2002, Sodexho Alliance shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.   
Jean-Michel Dhenain and Michel Landel are appointed Group Chief Operating Officers, succeeding Albert George.   
The succession plan for Pierre Bellon is put into place.
The Board of Directors announces that effective on September 1, 2005, the Chairman of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer will become separate functions.   
On September 1st,  2005, Michel Landel becomes Chief Executive Officer and Pierre Bellon continues as Chairman of the Board.