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Food Safety

Sodexo is committed to serving safe, nutritious food to its customers.

Sodexo Food Safety

Our Commitment to Food Safety

Sodexo is committed to serving safe, nutritious food to our customers. We make sure you have the appropriate food safety training and tools to keep food safe.



  • Interactive Frontline Food Safety Training Module Available -- Always trying to drive home key food safety practices with your employees?  Now available is the interactive “Food Safety Keys for Sodexo” training module that has the participant search out key food safety practices, review relevant Sodexo food safety job aids and assesses their “success” at the end of the mission. Set to the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme music, this supplemental training has text and Sodexo food safety job aids available in English, Spanish and French.

  • Our food safety training gives you useful knowledge on how to store, prepare and serve safe food, and ways to validate these processes. The training covers such key areas as Personal Hygiene, Time & Temperature, Food Allergens and Cross-Contamination, and are available in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

We use the ServSafe® Training and Certification Program to provide all managers, dieticians and supervisors with the knowledge and skills to do your job. This training leads the way in setting high food safety standards.

If the ServSafe® certification is obtained externally, employees must register their non-Sodexo Food Safety Certification Training through Employee Self Service

  • Product Quality Assurance works with Sodexo's Supply Management team and food suppliers to ensure that all food products you purchase meet or exceed our requirements for safety and security.

  • We provide consultation for any food safety issues to unit management and employees through our internal food safety professionals.

  • We hold our management accountable for your unit's food safety program through a strict third-party audit process. An audit recognition program is in place for units with superior performance.

Sodexo is proud of our food safety programs and commitment from all level of operations and corporate management. The full benefits provided through our Quality Assurance & Food Safety Department can be felt throughout the company. We are a proud recipient of the 2006 NSF International Food Safety Leadership Award and ISO 22000 registered.
Learn more about your importance to our Food Safety Program through the Employee Handbook, TOPS Food Safety Fundamentals training modules and by talking to your manager or supervisor.

Learn more about our commitment to quality and safety:

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